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Kaziranga National Park

Assam, the northeastern Indian state is popular for many things like silk, tea, petroleum resources, dense forests, incredible tribal life and a variety of wild life. The state is well known for its rich biodiversity and huge forests of Sal trees. Vegetation in this region is of mixed type with Alluvial grassland, tropical semi-evergreen forests and tropical wet evergreen forests.

Among the many wildlife sanctuaries and reserves of Assam, Kaziranga National Park is the most popular wildlife reserve. This park has established its name for preserving the fast diminishing species of One Horned Indian Rhinoceros, spotted specifically in this reserve. Along with the pride of the park the one horned Indian rhinos, the other wild animals found in the Park include elephants, tigers, bear and panthers. Grasslands and wetlands of the region nurture many exclusive varieties of Bird life. The park is home to more than one hundred species of migratory birds and reptiles like common Cobra, king cobra as well as Indian Python.

Kaziranga National Park gained status of a National Park in the year 1974 and was honored as World Heritage site by UNESCO in December 1985. Kaziranga National Park can be explored well by availing one of the options like Elephant Safari or Jeep Safari. Exploring this park on the back of an elephant is an explicit experience.

One Horn Indian Rhino

Total Numbers of Rhino 2,329
Adult Males Rhino 645
Adult Females Rhino 685

Best Time visit Kaziranga National Park (Timings)

Best time to visit Kaziranga National Park is between the months of October and April, when the climate is pleasant and favourable for conducting sightseeing tours. It is during this period most of the animals can be seen having a nice time in the wild. Kaziranga National park will remain closed between May to September during Monsoon due to heavy rain in this region. Please note that park remain closed on every Thursday.

Elephant Safari Timing - 5:00 am until 4:00 pm
Jeep Safari Timing - 7:30 am until 11 am
Timing - 2:00 pm until 4:30 pm
Bird Watching Anytime in day
Fishing / Boating Anytime in day

Kaziranga National Park Tariff

Service Fees for Indian Fees for Foreigner
View Fee per person/ day for entering the park 20 250
Fee for elephant seat per trip/seat for adult 280 750
Toll for Road/river cruise per trip per day 300 300
Camera charges
Nature photography (Non- professional)
Still camera 50 500
Movie camera 500 1000
Professional photography
Still camera 250 1000
Movie camera 2500 10000
Video camera 2500 10000


A. Concession/ Rebate of 50 percent of the above rates for:

  • Children below 12 years of age.
  • Students sponsored by educational institutions.
  • Senior citizen above 65 years of age.
  • People with special needs.
B. Special rebate of 25 percent rebate on all the above items for visitors who visit continuously for 3 or more days.
***The park entry fees are subject to change without any notice.

Elephant Safari Timings

Kaziranga National Park offers Elephant Safari which can be availed on morning and afternoon for different routs or range, find the details below -

Elephant Safari Range/Rout Morning Afternoon
Burapahar Range, Ghorakati 5:30 to 7:30 15:00 to 16:00
Eastern Range, Agaratoli 5:30 to 7:30 15:00 to 16:00
Kaziranga Range, Kohora 5:30 to 7:30 15:00 to 16:00
Western Range, Bagori 5:30 to 7:30 15:00 to 16:00

Elephant Safari Route Details

Name of Range Starting point Route details Duration of safari
Burapahar Range, Ghorakati Near Rhinoland park Ghorakati (near Rhino land park) via 1st Addition to Kaziranga National Park - Borghup – back to Ghorakati along the Central path. 1 hour
Eastern Range, Agoratoli Near Range headquarter, Agaratoli Agaratoli – Dhuba Road – then to Sohola Water body and back to Agoratoli at the Southern periphery of the Park. 1 hour
Kaziranga Range, Kohora Mihimukh Riding tower Mihimukh Riding point No. 1 via 2nd Addition to KNP up to Riding point No. 2 at Kathpora and vice versa at Southern periphery. 1 hour
Western Range, Bagori Near Range headquarter, Bagori Bagori - along the Central path towards Donga – right bank of Mori Diffalu river and back to Bagori 1 hour

Kaziranga Elephant Safari Tariff

For Indian (INR) For Foreigner (INR)
Elephant safari (per adult) 280 750
Park Entry Fee 20 250
Guard Fee 25 25
Total 325 1025

Kaziranga Elephant Safari Booking office

Range Booking place Booking time
Burapahar Range, Ghorakati Ghorakati Range office N/A
Eastern Range, Agaratoli Agaratoli Range office N/A
Kaziranga Range, Kohora Centenary Convention Centre, Kohora 19:00 - 20:00 hrs (a day before the elephant ride)
Western Range, Bagori Bagori Range office N/A

Kaziranga Jeep Safari

Individuals who are eager to explore the jungle with a Jeep can choose Jeep Safari and can cover longer distances within a short period of time. These tours are accompanied by trained nature guides or escorts and take three to four hours. Jeep tours are carried out without causing any disturbance to wildlife in the national park.

Jeep Safari Route Details

Name of Range Details of vehicle safari route Approximate distance
Burapahar Range, Ghorakati Ghorakati – Potahibeel – Diffalu - Tunikati and back with designated stop at Tunikati Tower. 17 Km
Eastern Range, Agaratoli Agoratoli – Soholabeel - Rangamatia- Maklung - Turturani- Dhuba and back to Agaratoli with designated stop at Sohola Tower. 22 Km
Kaziranga Range, Kohora Mihimukh – Kathpora – Daflang -Diffalu river bank – Monabeel -Kerasing and back with designated stop at Kathpora Tower, Daflang Tower and Kerasing Tower. 28 Km
Western Range, Bagori Bagori - Dongabeel - Rowmari-Rajapukhuri - Monabeel and back with designated stop at Donga Tower. 26 Km

Kaziranga Jeep Safari Timing and Tariff

Range Morning Session 2 Hrs Duration Afternoon Session 2 Hrs Duration For Indian Per Jeep Fare (6 pax) For Foreigner Per Jeep Fare (5 pax)
Eastern Range, Agaratoli Between 7.30 am to 10 am Between 2 pm to 4 pm Rs.1500/- Rs.1500/-
Central Range, Kohora Between 7.30 am to 10 am Between 2 pm to 4 pm Rs.1100/- Rs.1100/-
Western Range, Bagori Between 7.30 am to 10 am Between 2 pm to 4 pm Rs.1200/- Rs.1200/-
Burapahar Range, Ghorakati Between 7.30 am to 10 am Between 2 pm to 4 pm Rs.2000/- Rs.2000/-

Visitor can even enjoy the jeep safari for a whole day but a prior permission from Park Authorities is required. Maximum four jeep is allowed at one time.
***Entry fee is extra, is not included in above tariff.

Kaziranga Trekking/Bird Watching Details

Visitors interested in some more adventure activities, can enjoy Trekking at Kaziranga National Park from Kukurakata Reserve Forest and Panbari Reserve Forest. From Kukurakata Hill Top, visitor can have panoramic view of Kaziranga National Park. Visitor can enjoy the Bird Watching Tour and experience the Bio Diversity of Kaziranga National Park. All trekkers are need to take prior permission from respected officers of range mention bellow -

Name of Range/ Beat Name of Route Distance Permit will be issued by
Bokakhat Beat, Bokakhat Panbari Reserve Forest - Modarjuri Camp-Pipe line- via Panbari Reserve Forest then back to Modarjuri Camp. 5 Km Beat Officer, Bokakhat Beat, Bokakhat
Burapahar Range, Ghorakati Kukurakata Reserve Forest - Natundanga-through Kukurakata Reserve Forest up to Baneswar Temple and back. 10 Km Range officer, Burapahar Range, Ghorakati